Term 2 Lots of learning ahead

This week, it has been lovely to see the children back after half term with exciting news to share and very rare and special treasures to show and tell. A 3.75million year old Megaladon tooth was one such treasure! How exciting! Thank you Megan for sharing that with us.

We have continued our learning about rivers and the water cycle, learning about the role played by evaporation and condensation in this process. We have learned through diagrams, actions and particularly songs. I hope the children have not been driving you mad with their singing. Although, I have to say, singing has worked effectively in helping them to recall the science vocabulary and also be able to write detailed explanations of the water cycle.  Here is the link to it ( Warning; it will get stuck in your head)  https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=the+water+cycle+song#id=1&vid=e59ce0d5ff9a81efe05a8497ff03cc09&action=click

We have concluded the topic on rivers, writing a range of river poetry which will soon be on display in school.

This term, we begin our learning journey in maths; developing written methods for multiplication and division, finding factor pairs, plotting co-ordinates, area and perimeter. The children will continue to practise their times tables and division facts and support with this at home would be greatly appreciated.

We begin our “LIGHT  IT UP” topic, learning about electrical circuits, and by the end of term, we will conclude our learning with a DT project that uses the knowledge gained in science lessons.

It is a busy term once again, but the children are already increasing in their maturity and independence as learners and are a joy to teach, showing enthusiasm and greater willingness to work hard.

I look forward to meeting you all at parent consultations next week to share your child’s achievements with you.




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