Updates from 5J

In 5J we are continuing our study of the Tudors. Today and yesterday we have been exploring balanced arguments and plan to discuss whether Mary Tudor deserved her rather gruesome reputation of ‘Bloody Mary’ or whether this was Protestant propaganda!

Our art is coming along beautifully. We have a display in the hallway and a developing display in class that you are welcome to come and look at. We will begin our three week mini project on modern self portraits this afternoon. We are all looking forward to visiting the National Portrait Gallery next Friday.

Maths is very exciting! The children have been incredible – they are building a solid knowledge of factors, common factors and multiples. Next week we will explore prime numbers, square numbers and cubed numbers.

Special congratulations to Hannah who has been working so hard on her handwriting – what a difference!!! This is one area we would like all to improve upon.

The class have been working hard and should be very pleased with themselves. Keep up the good work.


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