A Varied Fun Day

Today started with me taking Key Stage 2 Assembly talking about my

Vietnam/Cambodia Cycle. I decided to be fairly specific so just

explaining,with the help of a few photos,how the children lived in their

villages and their way of life asa regards home and school life,food and

transport. This I will continue at the end of term when there is more time.


Then on to a hugely enjoyable afternoon. You cannot beat the Mothers Day

Service. Church full,congregation over 120 with every chid taking part

in thanking their Mums for just being “the best Mums”.  Form 1 told us

about  the History of the Day and their experiences with their mums.

Rec,1,and 2 sang a Supermum song.Forms 3 and 4 each recited a poem.

Class 5 sang Dona Nobis Pacem. The Choir sang their song and then with

the school sang Father we Adore You in a very impressive 3 part

special.Form 6 then thanked the mums through special prayers and the

service was finished with the school song. Just such a fabulous family



Then onto the Forms 3/4 Hockey competition at Knole Academy.

Georgia,Katy,Ted,Mia,Dylan and Joaquim were the 6 team squad in this 4 a

side competition. With a 3.30 start it was cold (luckily children never

feel the cold !!) and the team entertained us in the usual St Johns way

of giving 100% in effort and sportsmanship. We were well beaten 4-0 by a

fine Amhurst first team but all the other matches were close end to end

games with us winning 2-0 v Lady Boswells 2, 1-0 v St Lawrence, 3-0 v

Sev CP 3 and losing 0-1 to Lady Boswells 2 We missed going through  to

the semi-finals by the odd point but a great afternoon and the children

would have learnt a great deal from the matches.

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