A warm welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! We have been busy bees already this term and I am so pleased with the children for taking on board our new class routines so readily and for making such a positive start to the year.

In maths we have been embedding our understanding of number. We have been comparing and partitioning different amounts to ensure that we know how many tens and ones there are in different 2 digit numbers and using this to reason why one number is bigger than another.


We have been using cubes, diennes, even crabs and snails on paper plates to explore how 2 digit numbers are made and what these amounts look like.

In English, we have been keen spellers and I can’t wait to award more spelling stickers soon to an ever-increasing number of children improving upon last week’s score or even gaining full marks in our weekly tests.

Identifying nouns and adjectives in texts, we are quickly becoming grammar detectives. I wonder if you can look out for these types of words in your reading at home as well?

In Science we have been exploring different materials, including a rather tasty lesson where we investigated whether a metal, plastic or wooden spoon would be best for eating ice-cream. Mmm… it took a few tastes for us to ultimately decide…

In Geography and Art we have been visiting different continents around the world. We have enjoyed a range of treats from playing African drums and forming a Chinese dragon, through to creating our own panda-masks.

What a busy term so far!


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