AH!! So there’s the pond!

I thought I’d share the wonderful news that our pond has been revamped this week. Whilst we were all cheering on our children on Sports day, a team of volunteers led by North West Kent Countryside Partnership were busily tidying and rejuvenating our pond area. Upon arrival, the pond (although hard to spot the actual pond) looked like this:

In year 4, the children, as part of their Science topic and literacy lesson wrote persuasive letters to Mrs Quirk on the advantages  having a pond and the detrimental effect not having it any longer would have on our school environment. They must have been very persuasive, as this is what the pond area now looks like:

In addition to the pond work, they installed a fabulous new composting area and cleared nettles and brambles around the bug hotels, making them more accessible to the children. Through the day, they discovered plenty of tools that the chidlren can now use to help maintain this area.

I am so excited to hear that years 2,4 and 5 are planning to visit this area within the next few weeks as part of their science learning and I know that it will be well utilised in future to support classroom learning.

Thank you to those who helped and made it possible.





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