aliens, babies and a special treat!

With Christmas fast approaching, Year 1 are busy learning about how we prepare for the celebration and about the first ever Christmas. We have talked about how all babies are special and that the birth of baby Jesus was extra special too.

We have been having so much fun discussing who we think each baby is – some of the pictures are very deceiving! There is much debate about the little one with the mass of dark hair, top left corner of the display,  the children cannot wait for me to reveal the identity!

The focus for our learning in English is to use adjectives. We enjoyed describing the old toys kindly lent to us for our toy museum, using words such as: old, scratchy, rusty and  broken. We are now using our imaginations to create a planet for our book character, Beegu. He has some weird and wonderful things on his planet according to the children, such as green pizza and lollipop trees. 


In Year 1 we work together as a team to fill our class marble jar. So far our treats have been to have shortbread (linked with our learning about Scotland), strawberry donuts, spotty balloons, and a classroom disco. The next treat we are collecting for  is to watch a film together. However, our treat came early yesterday! We were lucky enough to have free tickets for this year’s Into Film Festival at The Stag Cinema. We took our packed lunches, wrapped up warm, and set off to walk there. We thoroughly enjoyed the showing of Despicable Me3, and I can say that the children’s behaviour and attitude was exemplary.

You always make me proud Year 1!   


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