Astronights at the Science Museum.

Ten lucky children, accompanied by Mrs Casewell and Mrs Grimble spent Saturday night in the  London Science Museum. What a fantastic (and exhausting) experience it was!!

After setting up camp in one of the galleries, we were quickly whisked off for our safety briefing, followed by a science show ” The Super Cool show” in which we learned more about temperatures and changing states. Did you know you can change the properties of a material by changing its temperature? Have you ever wondered whether you can hammer a nail into wood with a banana? Or whether you can take the bounce out of a bouncy ball? These were some  of the concepts explored using liquid nitrogen. Also, we learned that hot always moves to cold. So, when your teacher or parent says, “Close the door, you are letting the cold air in! ” Technically, they are wrong. You are letting the warm air out!

We then played Chemistry BINGO and watched some “cool” chemical reactions. Our favourite being “Elephant Toothpaste”.

Following  this, we created our own screen printed T-shirt and explored our sense of taste, before watching another demonstration on chemical reactions. It was then time for bed and twelve exhausted (but well – entertained) “astronighters” snuggled in their sleeping bags.

Sunday morning, we woke up bright and early, had breakfast and headed to the IMAX theatre. We donned our special glasses and watched a 3-D film about the Hubble telescope and how astronaughts maintain and service it. We ventured beyond our own galaxy to explore phenomena beyond that which we can see from earth. It was fascinating and awe-inspiring.

No trip to the science museum would be complete without a session in the Wonderlab. Here we had the freedom to explore, investigate, puzzle and experiment in the hands-on gallery.  For many children, this was the highlight of the trip! So much learning and so much fun!

This was a wonderful night.We hope the children who were lucky enough to attend, will tell others  about their experiences and that they will remember their night at the science museum for many years to come.


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