We expect all children to attend school every day and to be in the playground at the start of the day. Periods of absence and poor punctuality are disruptive to the children’s learning and send poor messages about the value of education. We ask parents to support us in ensuring their children do not miss out through unnecessary absences.

School Absence

The Governors have the right to allow up to 10 working days authorised absence in exceptional circumstances. Many schools, including St John’s, do not authorise absence or holidays in term time. This asset to our policy is stated in the Home School Agreement which parents agree to and sign when their child joins St John’s.

The key facts are:

  • Children spend only 190 days out of 365 in school.
  • Children who lose time from school do not do as well as they could.

Parents sometimes hold the view that their holidays hold educational value, and whilst there may be some degree of benefit the disruption to a child’s education outweighs that benefit. Children become excited before the event and on their return are thrown by the fact that the others have moved their learning forward and they are then left with gaps to fill.

Where parents feel there is an exceptional reason for making such a request it will be considered by the Headteacher and Governors on the basis of its individual merit. The decision will take into account the attendance record and academic progress of your daughter or son. Please note that where student attendance falls below 95% in this or the previous academic year it is unlikely that such a request will be granted.

Letting us know

The school office is open from 8.30am and we need to know if a child is not attending school by 9.30am at the latest. Please telephone the school office on 01732 453944, or contact us  by parentmail from 8.30am onwards on the first day of absence and keep the school informed on subsequent days of any changes of plans for the child. On your child’s return to school, please write a note of explanation to the teacher.


We ask that all pupils are in the playground with a parent/carer by 8.55am. The children are then taken into class by the Class Teacher. Children are deemed to be late if they are not in class by 9.00am. Parents arriving with children after 9.00am need to enter school via the main school office and sign in using the late register situated in the reception hallway.