Back to Business!

A warm welcome back to school to all of Class 6 and their families. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break and a very Happy New Year! Mrs. Baillache, Mrs. Foss and I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all of you for being so kind and generous with your cards and presents – we hope the children enjoyed their gifts from us (and the bouncy balls lasted more than an afternoon before being bounced over a fence or down a drain).

Anyway, “Back to Business”! Class 6 are aware that now we’ve had our Christmas break, that the work, efforts, attitudes and focus all need to increase for our push towards May and our SATs tests. All of the class have returned with a desire and drive to succeed and, most importantly, an improved attitude and effort to all lessons. Long may this continue!

The end of last term saw the conclusion of our WW2 topic. The final piece of work saw the return of The Battle of the Churchills, the most hotly contested Winston Churchill speech delivering competition in the world! A tremendous effort from all provided Class 6 with a multitude of witty Winston words and charming Churchill chants, but there had to be a winner. In the end, after rounds of voting and eliminations, we were left with one winner.

Congratulations to…….

A very prestigious award, Elodie. You join the previous champions of Camilo and Eliza, both of whom I hear have gone on to never compete in a Churchill speech competition again – shame.

Looking on to this term, we have replaced WW2 with a writing focus on fairy tales. We will discover the history and dark roots of fairy tales from countries all over the world. We will look at varying versions of a timeless classic: Little Red Riding Hood. Or was it Little Red Cap? Or Little Golden Hood? Ultimately, we will be building to write our own fairy tales – who knows we might have the next Grimm writer in our midst?

Overall, Mrs. Quirk and I are looking forward to seeing yet more progression, efforts and maturity from this highly capable class. If they give their best and reach the potentials i know they’re capable of, then we could have something quite special on our hands with this lot.

So….Back to Buisness it is!

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