Bake Off

Our 11 entrants all received high praise and admiration for their Victoria sponge cakes. It was a huge relief to me that Kardine and Shelly, from our kitchen, agreed to judge the entries. What a lot of work had gone in to these creations! Mr Oatley and Mr Brand were soon to be found in the hall only too willing to complete the taste test!

Our winner was announced in assembly – Ruby was visibly shocked and delighted. She now represents St John’s in the semi-finals at Knole Academy in April. Ruby assures me she is going to be practising in the holidays to be best prepared- Good Luck Ruby!


Well done to all who took part:

Elliot, Elodie, Elsebeth, Lily and Ruby from Year 5

Hannah R, Amber, Isabelle, Lucy and Edie from Year 4

Elspeth form Year 2

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