Carroty Wood

Term 3 ended with a very busy couple of weeks. The children made lip balm, learnt a poem for the mother’s day service, went to the Knole Park Literacy Festival, said prayers at the Easter Service and finally finished with an Easter Egg Hunt.

Term 4 however started with a far more exciting second week! Monday and Tuesday all of the children in Year 4 went to Carroty Wood in Tonbridge. As soon as we arrived we were given our Health and Safety talk, then 4C were able to go to their house to see their rooms. 4P were left with Mr Stringer and myself to play a game of rounders.


Then we were able to find our house with our ensuite bedrooms! Suddenly we were being whisked off to the High Ropes.

‘I do not want to go anywhere the near of the rope bridge!’ Sophie L

james dolley high ropessophie high ropes

‘I can’t wait to get to the top of Gladiator!’ James D

After the High Ropes I delivered the children the news that they had to make their own bed without any adult help. Luckily Milo was on hand in our house to help anyone who was stuck! Then we went off to complete the Low Ropes in our houses. The children were awarded points for every part they completed and then every time they fell off they lost 1 point. However if they were then to get any part of themselves wet they lost 5 points and ran the risk of being hosed off outside our house later on.

emily low ropesamy v low ropesedie low ropes

‘This looked really easy at the start however by the end I was scared of getting my feet wet!’ Madison A

Finally, we were able to go and eat our dinner which had been prepared by Mrs Quirk, Mr Stringer and Mrs Copp. We were all very grateful our dinner had been cooked however the children still had to lay the table and then wash up after they had eaten! After dinner we then went and spent an hour in the swimming pool playing with all the woggles and array of balls. At 9pm we ventured back to our house to put our pyjamas on and settle in for the night.

The next morning the children were woken and given an hour to strip their beds, have a shower and pack their bags ready for room inspection. Once their rooms were given the all clear they had to go and set the table ready for breakfast. After breakfast the children were then told they were going to have to make their own packed lunch for later on, which meant having to butter their own bread for sandwiches! Once lunch had been made we were then able to complete the maze, in which we had to guide members of our team around the maze trying to find pieces of the puzzle to piece together to make a saying.

‘My group had the saying ‘Do not give up!’ which was very funny because we couldn’t find the last piece to our puzzle so felt like giving up.’ Oliver L

‘My group had the saying ‘If you make a mistake go back to where you went wrong!’ which was very relevant to the story of the Prodigal Son, which Dan the instructor told us, because it meant that when the Son went wrong he went back to his family to put things right.’ Amy V

Once we had all completed the maze Mrs SIlvester then set us the Scavanger Hunt challenge. All of the children in Year 4 will be able to explain what they had to do.

I was very proud of everyone in 4P, you have all shown you can be independent, thoughtful, helpful to adults as well as each other, determined to complete activities to overcome fears.


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