Carroty Wood Adventures

What a fabulous way to begin term 5! And, what an adventurous 24 hours we have shared at Carroty Wood. Many challenges were faced, fears conquered, goals achieved and new skills and independence learned. The children will no doubt have much to tell you and I am certain that they will be needing an early night for the next few days after such great activity.

IMG_2294On Monday, we packed in heap of experiences: a rounders game, picnic lunch,making beds, high ropes, low ropes, swimming, dinner (including washing up), board/card games and finally bed time!

The High Ropes saw many children face their fear of heights by learning to trust the equipment, instructors, teachers and themselves.


Luckily for us, we managed to avoid having an icy hose down by successfully crossing the swamp without falling in – most of us! A few ended up with soggy socks – but all in all – not too bad! Many laughs along the way.You can see in the photo above, Adele showing compassion, lending a helping hand and giving much needed encouragement which helped Rebecca to conquer her fear crossing the swamp successfully.It was wonderful witnessing all the class encouraging one another around the course.

Lucky Lucy! I can’t imagine a more exciting way to spend a birthday. Happy birthday to you from all your friends who loved spending time with you on your special day. IMG_2384IMG_2287

Tuesday, we were awoken early by beautiful birdsong and glorious sunshine and did not stop! We showered, tidied rooms, packed bags, ate breakfast, washed up, packed our own lunches, attended an assembly with 4P on the importance of trust and how Christians trust in God. 4C then completed the Mission Impossible and learnt along the way: “Some challenges that seem impossible are made a lot easier if you ask for help” Tim shared the story ‘Facing the Fiery Furnace’ ( Daniel 3), where Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were saved from the flames because they asked God for help and trusted in him.

We certainly had plenty of opportunities to ask for help and to trust during our time at Carroty Wood. Well done 4C! You have shown that you are independent, thoughtful, helpful, determined and polite individuals who show compassion and tolerance in all you do. I am very proud of  you!

As for the rest of the term…….. Forest School, church visits, clubs, outdoor science learning are only a few of the things we will be doing. A busy term awaits!





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