Hopefully everyone in Reception – and new to other classes at St John’s – has now met Buzz and enjoyed a quick cuddle or stroke!  There’s often quite a queue to throw a ball for him in the playground, and we go along with this for as long as Buzz will join in, as after a few goes, he often gets bored and goes off for a sniff of the hedges!





He came to Harvest Festival at the Church and wore his poppy for remembrance day with pride!

Buzz’s Birthday!

Buzz was 2 on the 21st of May!  I can’t believe how quickly time has gone since I went to pick him up as a tiny pup, and he really has grown into the most handsome and well behaved dog, but then I may be a little biased!


He celebrated his Birthday here at St John’s, and had a lovely day although he looked a little embarrassed when the whole school sang to him!



He was a very lucky dog receiving even more strokes, pats and love than normal, and even some Birthday cards and treats from very generous families!  I made sure he had fish for his dinner too, his absolute favourite!


Finally, a new blog!

Sorry for the big delay in posting in Buzz’s blog … I’ve been having trouble getting it to work but I think we’re now working again, hurray!


This is a picture back from the end of January when we still had 2 relatively ‘new’ girls in year 6 and it was cold and rainy … actually it’s still quite cold and rainy in April but you know what I mean!


And year 5 were having fun on the slide and Buzz thought he’d join in …



One of the many great things about Buzz is that his coat is very soft and therefore he is great to stroke.  Studies have shown that cuddling a pet, most likely a cat or a dog, releases the “cuddle chemical” oxytocin, in both human and pet. This miraculous little chemical has a calming and soothing effect on both parties!  Win, win!


Welcome to the new Reception class!

We’ve had some lovely blue skies since we came back to school, and Buzz has enjoyed playing on the field with the new Reception class!





Buzz also came to Harvest Festival with us all last week ….


… and was very interested in the calf (who wasn’t at all interested in him!).



See you all next term, where hopefully we will get some photos of Buzz with tinsel round his neck, listening to some lovely Christmassy singing!


Summer term

We had a very hot last term here at St John’s, so tried to keep Buzz cool in the shade as much as we could.  He was definitely sleepier than normal, but was more happy to play after school, rushing around the playground after a ball, or, as usual, obliging with hugs!

Have a wonderful, fun, safe Summer everyone, and Buzz will be delighted to see you in September!  I know he’ll miss all the attention!



Buzz’s new friends

Buzz has found the guinea pigs!  He would really love to play with them, just as he does with other dogs when out walking, but they would rather just eat the grass.



Buzz joined some year 6’s on the climbing frame the other day (which got him away from the guinea pigs).  These warm, sunny days are just lovely!  You can tell from his paws that he had just been digging, which is another hobby of his that we don’t want to encourage.



As Mrs Marsh will tell you, Buzz does seem drawn to wherever he can hear music playing or the sound of children singing.  He’s definitely a dog that likes music as year 3 found out the other day in their recorder lesson.  If only we could teach him how to play an instrument!


Therapeutic Buzz

One of the good things about having a school dog, is that there are always excellent cuddles available if you feel in need!

Buzz in R garden

These Year 1’s were supposed to be going out to play!

Cuddle Buzz

If you feel like a cuddle, Buzz is normally here on Mondays and Thursdays!

This term Buzz has been enjoying playing some favourite old games, such as Follow the leader, …

Buzz and Follow my leader

Hide and Seek …

Sardines Buzz

and Tug of War!

Buzz and Josh

Yesterday he joined us for the Easter Service at the church!

Church Buzz

Have a lovely Easter everyone …. Buzz looks forward to seeing ALL of you next term, for break times on the field, sun tan lotion and sports day!

Buzz has fun in the playground running around with everyone, but sometimes when we get to school early, or particularly late, he gets a bit lonely in the playground and wanders around looking for someone to throw his ball!


Buzz playground


Lonely Buzz


Buzz is making himself very home here at St John’s, even getting comfy on Mrs Quirk’s chair on her room!

Buzz sofa

Yesterday, we caught Buzz digging in the meadow where a tree stump had recently been removed … I should have taken a picture of his face afterwards, it was FILTHY!

Digging Buzz



Buzz has a new talent … jumping on tables and desks!  Hmm, I’m not sure it’s a talent we want to encourage, but last week he thought that we were having too much fun without him in play therapy and jumped up to join in with the colouring, and then jumped on Mrs Newhouse’s desk chair and had a snooze!


Buzz and Pencils


Buzz at desk

Buzz comes out to play with me on the days he’s here (normally Mondays and Thursdays), and comes out for half an hour at lunchtime.  Other than that, he trots around the school meeting and greeting people, like these lucky year 5 girls last week!


Buzz and Yr 5 girls

Buzz had a haircut at the weekend, and is looking much slinkier now.  His coat actually takes a lot more looking after than I realised, and I have to brush him everyday.  He also needs a good trim every 6-8 weeks and a weekly bath to keep him not only looking good, but smelling good too (hopefully!).

Buzz is now 7 months and you can see how much bigger he is than the first picture in September!

January Haircut