A royal response

At the end of last term, we wrote letters containing lots of questions we wanted to ask the Queen, hoping that she might reply. We were overjoyed to discover royal post waiting for us in our classroom in the first week back at school! After sharing the letter written by her Lady-in-Waiting and after discussing the fact-sheets inside, we decided to proudly compile a display in readiness for our new history topic this term where we shall be looking more closely at the Queen.

Of course, we couldn’t have such a display without a life-size image of the icon herself.


In our writing across the curriculum, the children have dazzled me with their use of exciting vocabulary and super spelling!

It has been pleasing to see an increasing number of children winning stickers for improvement and even full marks in their weekly spelling tests. Very well done Class Two!


In maths we have been building on our understanding of number bonds to 10, to see how this can help us derive our number bonds to 20 and 100.

If we know that 6 + 4 = 10, then we know that 16 + 4 = 20 and we know that 60 + 40 = 100. We call this MAGIC MATHS in class, and we can spot number patterns more and more easily now. We are moving onto addition and subtraction, including considering their inverse relationship, but we are keen to further embed our ability to recall our number bonds facts, so please feel free to practise the pairs of numbers which add up to 10, 20 and 100 at home.




A warm welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2! We have been busy bees already this term and I am so pleased with the children for taking on board our new class routines so readily and for making such a positive start to the year.

In maths we have been embedding our understanding of number. We have been comparing and partitioning different amounts to ensure that we know how many tens and ones there are in different 2 digit numbers and using this to reason why one number is bigger than another.


We have been using cubes, diennes, even crabs and snails on paper plates to explore how 2 digit numbers are made and what these amounts look like.

In English, we have been keen spellers and I can’t wait to award more spelling stickers soon to an ever-increasing number of children improving upon last week’s score or even gaining full marks in our weekly tests.

Identifying nouns and adjectives in texts, we are quickly becoming grammar detectives. I wonder if you can look out for these types of words in your reading at home as well?

In Science we have been exploring different materials, including a rather tasty lesson where we investigated whether a metal, plastic or wooden spoon would be best for eating ice-cream. Mmm… it took a few tastes for us to ultimately decide…

In Geography and Art we have been visiting different continents around the world. We have enjoyed a range of treats from playing African drums and forming a Chinese dragon, through to creating our own panda-masks.

What a busy term so far!


Happy half-term to all!

First and foremost, I’d like to say a huge well done to all of Class Two. They have worked particularly hard on their SATS this term and all of the children have performed well and  should be incredibly proud of themselves!

I’d also like to thank you, the parents and carers, for helping with homework and for your on-going support and cooperation as always. A further thank you to all of those who were able to attend the Year 2 Reading meeting today. Please do not worry if you were unable to make it. All leaflets and hand-outs will be sent home with homework tomorrow.

Please watch the video link below to get a feel for the pace at which children will hopefully be reading at in a month’s time to reach the ‘expected’ level.


Thankfully, as well as SATS, we have enjoyed some exciting learning opportunities this term. As well as a visiting science workshop ‘ZooLab’ and swimming at Walthamstow Hall, Year 2 visited a ‘mandir’ in Crawley to embed our understanding of our on-going topic- Hinduism.


thumbnail_IMG_20170518_095832152[1]thumbnail_IMG_20170518_100323587[1] thumbnail_IMG_20170518_101900577[1] thumbnail_IMG_20170518_104927850[1] thumbnail_IMG_20170518_110243095[1]

We enjoyed yoga, saris, dancing and ringing bells. We thoroughly enjoyed this different type of worship and marvelled at the detailed shrines.

Welcome back

Welcome back to a new term at St. John’s. We are excited to begin new topics, including Hinduism in RE and a new Geography topic – ‘Our local area’.

Eager to discover more about Hinduism, Andrew and Torben have shared items from home with the rest of the class which have been related to our learning. Torben was excited to show his artefacts which his dad had brought back from a trip to India, and Andrew was keen to find out more from his books at home. Learning about a new and very different religion has sparked a great deal of interest in the children, and our RE corner is now happily overflowing with children’s Indian objects, drawings, shrines to different deities, a puja tray and a selection of information books for the children to explore more about Hinduism in their free time. This term our RE has been linked to our learning in Design and Technology, so the children have planned their Ganesh elephant masks, including which materials they wish to use (paper plates, paint and split pins proving a popular choice) and everyone is looking forward to start creating their well-thought through designs next week.

2696 2694

In science we are continuing with our topic on plants. Planting cress seeds into petri dishes and placing them in our classroom under different conditions, we are observing closely as the days go by, so that by Friday we can analyse our findings and discuss what we have found out.


We have been particularly fortunate this week; for a special treat Mrs Casewell kindly organised a ‘ZooLab’ workshop for us where we had the opportunity to hold and stroke some wriggly friends.


Well done to all of the children for taking no notice of silly Miss Prendergast who was sadly not brave enough this time to be in the room when the workshop-leader revealed a corn-snake!

Clock-bingo, shaving foam and foot-rubs

We have jumped straight into our learning this term. In maths, we have been learning about time and we have been making the connection between the 5 times table and counting how many minutes have past the hour. As well, as this we have come up with our own song in class (with actions of course) to remember where the long minute hand points when the time is o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

A range of activities have helped to embed our understanding, but as time can be a tricky concept to understand, it would be particularly helpful if you could continue to practise reading the time at 5 minute intervals at home as well.

23872416 2521

In literacy we are about to start a new text, ‘The Magic Finger’. Very gradually, we shall be discovering more of the text as we share it together in class. Please try to avoid reading this story at home, at least for a few weeks, so that we can maintain the element of surprise. As well as enjoying the text for what it is – A Roald Dahl delight, we shall be using the text to inspire some persuasive writing.

Finally, a quick mention of our other subjects, we have introduced Grace Darling with a storm of our own – a shaving foam and blue food-colouring spectacle! In RE, we are working our way through the Easter Story this term. A highlight so far has to be when we opened our own foot-pampering spa area in our RE corner. The children have also shown, humility in washing their friends’ feet too.

2496 2497


Books, books, books!

Lots to report from just this week alone! What an amazing ‘Book Week’ at St John’s!

We have enjoyed treasure hunts, a cartoon-workshop (with children’s writer and illustrator- Knife and Packer), a class trip to Sevenoaks Bookshop and the grand unveiling of our newly organised classroom Book Corner!


2374    2375

Class 2 now have a borrowing service setup, so that they can choose to borrow a text from our book corner to read alongside their normal reading book. The children have come up with the rules for this book-borrowing service themselves. The book corner has never been so popular with the children! Year 2 have also embraced the new addition of our writing corner, where they can now review books they have read to recommend to other children, take part in dictionary and thesaurus challenges, send their own letters using St John’s letter-headed paper and selecting from a range of envelopes, as well as re-telling stories with finger puppets, wooden spoon props and even a talking tiger mask!

I’d also like to thank Mrs Loftin for her donation of books to help towards this rejuvenation!

The History ‘Great Fire of London’ workshop was a resounding success, with every child having the opportunity to take part in re-telling the events of 1665-1666 – living the life of Samuel Pepys through the dark times of the plague and the fire.


Next term we shall move onto learning about ‘Grace Darling’ in our topic-work, and ‘Health and Growth in Plants’ in science. Hopefully we will have more success in growing plants this year than hatching chicks…




Fingers crossed!

This coming Wednesday is a long-awaited day for Class 2, as we are keeping our fingers tightly crossed that our class chicks will hatch. All of the children have been eggstremely patient and responsible, ensuring that our classroom door is shut to keep the warmth in and being particularly careful around the incubator. I am sure that if any chicks do emerge from these eggs, you will be eagerly informed by your children on Wednesday night!

In our literacy, we have been sharing the text, ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’. The language and imagery in this story has truly inspired the children to write with rich vocabulary, phrasing and similes in their own writing. We have taken this text apart, page by page. From acting, role-play, interviewing key characters from the story and story-mapping, we have accumulated stock phrases, as well as looked in depth at the different stages of this text. This has helped us to re-write the story in our own words as a piece of extended writing which is our task for this week.

Delving into the past, we are excited to take part in a History Workshop this week, bringing the events of the Great Fire of London to life! Please note that children of class 2 are not to dress up for this occasion – this was a mis-print in the Newsletter. Normal school uniform please… until Friday of next week of course! I can’t wait to see what book characters all of the children will choose to dress up as!




‘Born in a Barn’ Bonanza!


What a wonderful finale to a busy Christmas term! The children have all worked exceptionally hard; learning lines, songs and dances. They have impressed us all with their performance and star quality! Our show certainly dazzled and shone with plenty of gold medallions and neon glowing halos. We could have given every child a halo for their outstanding efforts individually. We are sure that you enjoyed it as much as we did too!


Reception have completed our Space topic and I wonder how many of the children are now aspiring astronauts?

In Year 1 we are now expert puppet-makers, having completed finger, hand and sock puppets. We have had great fun writing scripts for our puppet shows and performing them to be recorded on iPads.

In Year 2 we finished learning how to write a set of instructions effectively. The highlight of our learning was writing instructions for how to make jelly, making it and then finally eating it! Wobble wobble!

We wish all of you a very merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Miss A, Mrs T and Miss P.





Mia the monarch

In maths we have introduced multiplication. We have been learning:

2 x 3     as    2 made 3 times.


Please take note of the way in which we teach multiplication at school so that if you wish to supplement this learning at home, you can do so by following the same method. We don’t want to confuse any of the children and they all seem to have picked up the concept of multiplication well.

Our new topic for History this term focuses on comparing Queen Elizabeth II with Queen Victoria. We opened this topic by slowly revealing items from a bag, and discussing how these items might be linked to the role of a monarch.


In RE we are deconstructing the Lord’s prayer, by learning about a couple of its lines every week. This week we reflected on things we might need and things we might want, after looking at the line, ‘Give us this day our daily bread.’


Some of the items proved a little tricky to categorise as a need or a want; particularly love. We finally agreed that we all need love to live happy and healthy lives.

Here are some forest school pictures from this week. We practised making knots to create our own Christmas trees to hang in class!

1900 1901 1903 1906

Fantastic, fizzing fun with fireworks!

With many of the children happy to eager to share their recounts of watching fireworks in various different places, we have all been excited to create our own firework poems in class in this week’s literacy.


We have been learning about different forms of poetry. Sometimes the structure has verses of a similar size, but other poems break all the rules! Shape poems were very popular with the class. The children enjoyed using brightly coloured chalk and pastels to write verbs in different directions onto black paper, resembling the fizzing, banging and unpredictable course the rockets take as they shoot off into oblivion!


In maths we have been measuring in different ways, but we learnt that whether we are measuring the mass of an object or the length/height of an object, it is always best to start measuring from 0!

1875 1876

We also reminded ourselves of the meaning of < , > and = to compare the weight and lengths of different objects found in our classroom.

Once again, Forest School for Group Two has been thoroughly enjoyed by all.

We ended the week today with an exciting workshop, delving into the history of pantomime, in readiness for our much anticipated trip to the Stag Theatre at the end of this term to see ‘Sleeping Beauty’!

We can’t wait!