Sumdog competition – Get playing!

Welcome Maths Enthusiasts. I have entered the whole school into a Sumdog competition against other schools.

All you need to do is log onto Sumdog with your usual username and password then enter the school code sjs3 to help us gain as many points as possible. The competition started today and ends next Friday 14th February at 8am.

How do you earn St John’s some points? Simply play! The more you play the more we earn.


Good Luck children!


Mrs Gillhouley

Seville Day two round-up..

I’m sitting in glorious sunshine beside the River Guadalquivir while the group visit the famous bull ring…it’s a tough life, this.


Yesterday was long and brilliant. Everyone needed waking at 7am and we’re thrilled to see the impressive breakfast spread even they arrived downstairs. We “fuelled up” thanks to the generosity of our hosts and a pile of toast and pastries that even 6W and their leaders couldn’t see off.

Each group then had planning time to write their market shopping lists. Senora Hayes wisely gave each leader a Spanish crib sheet. I am delighted to say I had no need of mine as my group were so well prepared.

We stopped en route to fill our water bottles and in the blink of an eye a great game of off ground it evolved. Photos show some of the more adventurous play!

The market experience was excellent; great Spanish speaking, food and generous market stall holders. This is possibly the highlight of my trip each year. Having bought bags of fresh food we walked back to the hostel smelling warm bread and strawberries. Our splendid buffet picnic was enjoyed by everyone, outside on our sunny deck. Our gift shop opposite must have been rubbing their hands together as they saw the approaching groups, keen to browse and intent on buying.

There was much admiration of each other’s purchases and returns to the shop for more before it was time to head off to the flamenco museum. A short 15 minute walk and we were there. Divided into 2 groups we visited the museum and had our flamenco lesson. Every child threw themselves into this activity despite some earlier reservations. How really commendable and what skill and determination. Mrs Williams took the prize for the staff.

Then it was time for the show, and what a show! 2 singers and a guitarist provided the authentic musical accompaniment for the simply stunning dance performance. Of course by now we knew the moves, well a few of them,  and were engrossed in the cultural spectacle. Stamping, clapping, plaintive singing and phenomenal dress – it was quite spectacular. Although the majority of us remained gripped, a few found the experience somewhat soporific towards the 50 minute mark!

The walk back for paella and chocolate cake saw not just children but leaders perfecting their flamenco moves through the narrow streets around the cathedral.

At our games evening while we learnt some interesting facts about each other, leaders were impressed by the children’s knowledge of their friends. Home cooking secrets revealed Mr Jones makes a truly delicious sounding steak sandwich and pupils verified the merits of Mrs Stringer’s tuna pasta crispy bake.


Tired content we headed to our rooms. The final voices gave in to sleep at 9.50pm


Sally Quirk