MoMo ‘game’ alert

It has been brought to our attention that there is an online craze, known as “Momo Challenge.”

This “game” has been linked to a number of suicides and is naturally spreading concern amongst parents/carers and professionals. This issue was raised at the parent forum today. Currently, this is not an issue at St John’s but we feel it is important that parents/carers are aware and our children are kept safe.

We have consulted professionals who have informed us that this is not a major concern and there have been no reports of deaths linked to this “game” in England. At this stage the trend is going viral around the world (but is not yet an issue here) and those in close contact with young adults and children should be aware of this issue in case any issues arise in the future.
We must clarify that the Momo Challenge is not connected with the MOMO app which helps young people communicate.

The Momo Challenge is on WhatsApp and Facebook. According to the terms and conditions of these social media providers, the permitted minimum age for use is 13 (WhatsApp has a permitted minimum age of 16).

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