Key Stage 1 Inter House Sports Afternoon

Danielle Parfett, with the help of all Key Stage 1 staff organised an Inter House Competition this afternoon.  Six sports were the order of the day: football, catching, running over floor ladders, speed bounce, hurdles and skipping.  The stars of the afternoon were Yr 6 who all took part in running the event, with the teachers enjoying watching. Again this is St. John’s at its best as it is such a great way to teach, at ground level, leadership, organisation skills and  sportsmanship.  Also, how to cope with discipline and working under pressure etc.

All the races went smoothly and were on time with the competitors having fun but with a sporting will to win.  I hope the members of Year 6 were pleased with the way in which they ran the show.  It was a very successful and enjoyable afternoon.

The winners were: Football, Red.  Catching, Blue.  Ladders, Red.  Speed Bounce, Blue.  Hurdles, Green.  Skipping, Yellow.

Sport this Week

A great few days of sport this week.  On Thursday Leonardo, Edward, Emily, Sebastian, Madeleine, Grayson, Theodore and Erin (the Key Stage 1 team) represented St John’s in a Rapid Cricket tournament at Knole Academy.  This entailed each member of the team hitting three balls from cones placed the length and breadth of the hall and then running between wickets whilst the opposition retrieved the balls and cones to replace them on their original spots.  The team beat Otford and Sevenoaks CP to reach the final and then triumphed over St Lawrence and Anthony Roper to win the competition.  Tactics won the day handsomely for St John’s.

On Saturday Knole again hosted a Key Stage 2 football and netball competition.  Dante, Madison, Ethan, Ben, Sebastian and Griff represented the school in the football.  With only 10 minutes for each match concentration and an ability to take that one chance are vital.  Although they played well at times, losing to Shoreham 1-0, Chevening 2-0 and then drawing with Sevenoaks CP meant we did not make the finals.

However the netball was a different matter and in the six matches in our group we were unbeaten thanks to a great squad of players: Rebecca, Caitlyn, Isabelle, Laura, Amy, Ben, Przemyslaw,  and Archie who just gave their all and showed such promising talent and potential. They beat St Thomas’ 2-1, St Katherine’s 4-0, St Lawrence 2-0, Halstead 1-0, drawing 1-1 with Lady Boswells and 0-0 with Amherst.  This meant we were in the Plate Final having come second to Amherst in our group, so we played Anthony Roper.  We certainly had the better of the match but, as we know, it is about scoring goals and unfortunately although both teams missed many chances Anthony Roper came out on top scoring just once.  This meant we came fourth overall.

A great week and how proud we all were seeing St John’s leading the way in all aspects of school sport.

I am sure you have all seen the letters sent to the school complimenting the behaviour of the children at Gatwick Airport during their six hour wait before eventually catching their flight to Seville.  Those two members of the public were just so impressed with the way in which the St John’s team, children and adults alike, handled the situation and took it all in their stride that they felt they had to write to express this to the school.

This sums up why St John’s is such an outstanding school where the ethos is about developing the whole child, giving each one self-confidence and a code of conduct where manners, trust, honesty and hard work are in the DNA of everyone connected to the school.

For me it is a real honour and a pleasure to be part of St John’s.

Seville Day three round-up

We are all safe and well but have had a distressing afternoon today. Both Adele and Megan have had their day bags stolen from under our noses in the park. The girls have shown a truly amazing approach to managing this upsetting incident.
After a fruitless search for the bags or discarded contents we proceeded to Plaza Espana, all feeling somewhat grim and disillusioned with our fellow man.
Spirits lifted when we set eyes on the phenomenal building and it’s fountain and as every member of our party rallied round to cheer each other.

In the morning we had learnt and discussed so much concerning Spanish bull fighting. Our trip to the bullring and our guide’s knowledge had proved really though provoking. At various points we’ve revisited and re-evaluated our thinking on this traditional custom.

We ambled back from the plaza through the now familiar streets. We counted cats, pushed the now empty wheelchair and noted the temperature has reached 28 degrees. Naturally this prompted us to realise we needed another ice cream, inmediatamente! Ordering now with confidence we found they tasted even more delicious.

During free time many of our party showered and dressed for our special evening out while others simply sat and stared ahead -talking was even too strenuous!

At 6.45pm we wound our way through the narrow ancient streets to Hosteria del Laurel for our long awaited tapas meal. Adventurous food tasting at tables for 4 was accompanied by card games and general high spirits. Awards and speeches were given – what a wonderful time we’ve had! Notably we all know each other so much better and we like that feeling.

We were guided back to our hostel expertly by Isaac and Elizabeth. We settled to yet more games culminating in the Game of Snaps where the secrets of my mind reading were finally divulged. This was something of a relief and thrill for Sam in particular.

It’s 11pm and 5 expert teachers delirious with fatigue are still sitting in the corridor on the second floor. There been no noise from rooms for 30 minutes but it’s just too hard to move.

Sally Quirk

Seville – Day 2 Round-up

At the 7am wake up call one room of light sleeping boys was midway through a game of Uno while all others were dead to the world. Elizabeth even required a light shaking to join us in time for our delicious and generous breakfast spread.

On our way to market we filled up with water and tried 6W’s game of Off Ground It. Although great fun Sarah sadly managed to twist her ankle. Luckily the arrival of the wheelchair meant Finley had no further need of his crutches. We begin to resemble a hospital outing.

Great Spanish enabled us to buy our picnic really swiftly, some groups coming in under budget while others splashed the cash on delicious frivolous items. Returning to the hostel we chatted and lapped up the glorious weather as we walked towards the river.

We broke our short walk for churros which were delicious. A prize was offered if 6M proved the first group, in 6 years of coming to Spain,  not to spill any cups of chocolate. Things were looking so good until Ethan swung round with his camera!

While lunch was prepared back at the hostel, I enjoyed a quiet read while icing our two swollen ankles.

Then, after eating our fresh market produce the seal was broken on gift shopping. While some of our group are keen to compare prices between retailers others find their euros very easy to fritter. So wearing new hats or earrings or cooled by a new fan we walked to our flamenco experience. Again we were impressed with every child taking part, even those with injuries.  (Erin has by now skinned and bruised her shin.) Our teacher was superb and the talents of 6M were noticeable.

The flamenco show was spectacular. The dancers were not the same as 3 weeks ago, but demonstrated familiar stamping and swishing. So vigorous was this that some of our group felt sure they would be trampled at any moment if the male dancer misjudged his footing. Sweat flowed freely but this luckily added to the excitement. Yuk!


We arrived back with 5 minutes to spare before paella was served. We are travelling with good eaters, this evening many made light work of the enormous chocolate pudding.


It’s been so warm we sat outside on our decking area for games. A hilarious round of “G’day Bruce” was followed by Empire. Well done to Caitlyn who showed great strategy and skill in foxing us all. I know some of the children plan to share these games with you at home – what a happy thought!


It’s 9.30pm. Almost all children are asleep. Great result teachers, we should be able to turn in soon. The bin men come at 4.30 remember!


Sally Quirk