Bake Off

Our 11 entrants all received high praise and admiration for their Victoria sponge cakes. It was a huge relief to me that Kardine and Shelly, from our kitchen, agreed to judge the entries. What a lot of work had gone in to these creations! Mr Oatley and Mr Brand were soon to be found in the hall only too willing to complete the taste test!

Our winner was announced in assembly – Ruby was visibly shocked and delighted. She now represents St John’s in the semi-finals at Knole Academy in April. Ruby assures me she is going to be practising in the holidays to be best prepared- Good Luck Ruby!


Well done to all who took part:

Elliot, Elodie, Elsebeth, Lily and Ruby from Year 5

Hannah R, Amber, Isabelle, Lucy and Edie from Year 4

Elspeth form Year 2

STEM week

We’re just over half way through our exciting Science week and I am amazed at the vast range of activities offered to all our lovely children.  Mrs Casewell and Miss Parfett have masterminded the most special learning opportunities. For daily details please read Mrs Casewell’s Science blog. It’s impossible to pick my highlight so far. John Gordon Reid’s magic, bangs and flames or reception exploding Coke with mints? I think seeing Year 6 leading the Discovery Zone experiments for the whole school has to be the moment for me. It’s not often one is reduced to tears at children’s learning …this proved one of those moments. Well done Year 6, every one of you did a great job!

End of Term 3

Today the school is full of book characters and plenty of excitement! In all my years of teaching and the many book character days, never have I been so impressed with the effort and ingenuity in costumes. This surely correlates with the passion for reading we have here at St John’s.

We have had a morning of awards and celebration. As well as recognising the two winning pupils in each class, we also awarded every child with a book as prize for their efforts with our “Book in a Week” challenge. The standard of writing and effort invested was remarkable. Sevenoaks Bookshop have been most generous to us donating 250 books and we are hugely grateful to them. We have also recognised the Reader of the Term in each class and the teacher nomination for the class Excellence Award. It is characteristic of the pupils here that, at break, I overheard so many class mates congratulating their class winner. Our winners are displayed in the school corridors.

Now, many children are counting down the minutes until the school discos after school while teachers continue to ensure some valuable last day learning continues in class.

When we return on Monday 20th both Year 4 classes will be pleased to have new, bump and squeak-free floors and shiny new carpets. Thank you to the team of volunteers who responded to Mr Brand’s request for help emptying these rooms this evening.

Happy half term everyone – rest, enjoy and please try and return bug-free for term 4!


Happy New Year

Welcome back everyone after our lovely Christmas break. We are rested and ready to embrace the learning and life of school again.

Straight after registration this morning we gathered in the hall to hear about this morning’s whole school SCIENCE INVESTIGATION.

As I write every child is working with a 30cm square piece of tin foil and aiming to design the boat that holds the greatest number of 1p coins. The buzz in the school is wonderful – the tension is mounting as we near finding our winning designs.

Thank you Mrs Casewell for leading science at St John’s so well and inspiring us to think like scientists.

Watch our website to see exactly what we learnt and see our class boat winners.

Happy Christmas

We have had such a splendid end of term filled with wonderful entertainment. Our excellent Nativity and carol service were the result of huge dedication and hard work on the part of the children and their teachers. Thank you to all of you at home for the great support you’ve been giving to the learning of lines and song words.

I was horrified when I realised, at the end of the carols, that I’d failed to thank Fiona Henry for her magnificent singing. Her rendition of O Holy Night accompanied by Sarah Marsh was breath taking and reduced a good number of us to tears. I have since spoken to Fiona and thanked her. I am delighted that she and Sarah are hatching a plan for a musical soiree in the spring.

So, as I write, KS1 are at the Stag watching the panto while KS2 enjoy Christmas fun in their classrooms. What a lovely week it’s been! I wish you all a happy Christmas, a restful holiday with plenty of special family fun, I look forward to seeing everyone rested and ready for Term 3 on Tuesday January 3rd.


I was so very impressed with every child’s attitude this morning as our whole school community gathered to remember our nation’s war dead. 98 years after the first remembrance we were moved again to follow the tradition at St John’s.

Standing around the edge of our playground Year 4C filled the centre spot with their poppies while we watched in silence. Freya and Lucas read to us beautifully and reminded us of the words that are so familiar to so many. We stood in silence for 2 minutes at 11 o’clock, knowing that we were doing as so many others across our country.

A time of sad reflection, a time to remember bravery and sacrifice. Also a time of hope that we may live to see more peaceful tolerance between human beings in our world.

Christmas is coming!

The weather has turned, it was frosty and cold but still bright this morning at playtime. There are still children without coats! Please make sure your child has their school coat with them every day as they definitely need it for playtimes.

Carols and Christmas songs have filled our corridor today as Ms Marsh and team have been practising singing and playing our favourite tunes and some lovely new ones too. I am so impressed with the musical progress being made by Year 4 brass and strings groups, what a talented bunch!

Our entrance hall is beginning to fill with Christmas boxes full of presents for children in crisis. Thank you to all who are engaging in this project . If you haven’t filled a box yet, there’s still time, we won’t be delivering to the collection point until 16th November. For thoise wishing to make a difference in an alternative way, we will be holding collections at the Christmas Nativities and Carols for Save the Children Fund.


Assessment and Feedback

I have to admit to being a very poor blogger recently, and that is really so bad when every class teacher is so diligent with their Friday blogging!

It’s been busy with our inspection and the work that brings before and after the visit. I hope the report actually makes it to the Ofsted site today. I was assured by Ofsted Administration that it would be published today. I’ve spoken to Ofsted in the last half hour and they assure me it is ‘in the process of being uploaded’

Despite us all being really disappointed that the inspector felt unable to recommend us for a second day’s inspection and the possibility of being judged outstanding, there is certainly cause to celebrate given all the positive feedback.

So, with one week left we look forward to pupils being able to show how they have progressed with their learning this term when they sit next week’s assessments. Having administered Year 4s writing assessment this morning I must say I am very impressed with the standard of their writing and their excellent attitude to the task. It’s clear Year 4 are a group of competent stylish writers in the making!


Hever Triathlon

Congratulations to our Triathlon squad who showed superb stamina and sporting ability at the Hever Triathlon at the weekend.

Well done all!