Anyone for a spot of cricket?

St. John’s were certainly up for a little bit of cricket today! With the sun shining down on us and with not a cloud in the sky – yes very hot actually- we gathered at Otford to play in the annual Sevenoaks cricket festival.

Twelve keen cricketers supported each other throughout the whole competition, encouraging team mates and playing to the best of their ability. The competition was tough and we certainly had some challenging matches. Despite not coming away with a win, we were victorious in our spirit, enthusiasm and approach to the game. I am so truly proud of our fabulous Year 5s. I can honestly say that I have never seen such a lovely group of resilient pupils who persevered and remained positive to the very end. Well done to all.

Thank you too to Mr Oatley who supported us, giving the children coaching tips and encouragement throughout. Also to Mrs Loftin who brought along the choc ices – so very needed – and to all our amazing parents, brothers and sisters (and new puppy) who came to support us all.

We really are a great school with such a wonderful community. Thank you again.

More cricket this Friday!



Transition afternoons information

We are looking forward to meeting and welcoming our new pupils to Reception on our transition afternoons.

The table below outlines how our transitions for all pupils will be managed this year. Our Year 5s will be starting their important role as buddies to our new intake so that, as the oldest children in the school, they can be familiar faces and friends in September.

Tues 28th June
New IntakeMiss Allen, Mrs Baker
15 Year 5s (Group A)
Reception’s classroom
Current ReceptionMrs Temp, Mrs Thompson
15 Year 5s (Group B)
Year 1 classroom
Current Year 1Mrs Ottway, Miss SlaughterPE
Fri 1st July
9.00am -12.00pm
Current Yr 5Mr Still Mrs Gillhouley Mrs Baillache Mrs BarnettYear 6 classroom
Current Yr 6Year 5 classroom
Thurs 7th July 1.30-3.00pmNew Intake Miss Allen, Mrs Carpenter Mrs Ottway
15 Year 5s (Group B)
Reception’s Classroom
Current ReceptionMrs Temp, Mrs Thompson
15 Year 5s (Group A)
Yr 1’s classroom
Current Year 1Miss Prendergast Mrs TrumanYr 2’s classroom
Current Yr 2Mrs Clark and Mrs Turner Mrs Inns3P’s classroom
Current Yr 3PMrs Casewell Mrs WilliamsYr 4’s classroom
Current Yr 3GMiss Parfett Miss Howe3G’s classroom
Current Yr 4Mrs Grimble Mrs NeilsonYr 5’sclassroom
Current Yr 515 to Reception 15 to Yr 1
Current Yr 6Transition day in Secondary schools



Pictures from Yr 5!

The sun is shining, and our brave Yr 5s are on form!! 










Hello from Class 5 at PGL in Ross-on-Wye!

After a long journey on the coach, we finally arrived just before midday. Every child has completed 2 activities and most of us have got thoroughly muddy and wet – the joys! We’ve also had a chance to bounce about in the Aeroball arena, try out our musketeer skills in fencing and some of us have even been brave enough to climb a giant pole and jump off the top…..whilst connected to a harness of course!

The weather is absolutely stunning and rumour has it that it’s here to stay for the week- please keep your fingers crossed.

As I type, the children are currently competing in “Whacky Races” for the evening’s entertainment. Previously having enjoyed a delicious meal and visiting the PGL shop.

We apologise for the late blog, however internet connection is very limited at out hostel! Pictures too are seemingly beyond the internet’s capabilities (I promise to work on that technical problem!)

Tomorrow we head to the river for a spot of raft building, canoe riding and all round water based activities. We will blog again tomorrow – once we’ve had the chance to dry off and de-mud from the River Wye.

To finish we want to mention the impeccable behaviour of all the children and how throughly engaged and involved everyone has been….they are representing St.John’s perfectly!


Please keep checking back for blog updates and hopefully pictures!!