Christmas Bazaar

One could go on and on about the success of yesterday but the overriding

success was the Family Atmosphere of total teamwork,with the pupils,

staff ,parent and governors all pulling together to do whatever job was

needed to make it a highly organised day of pure enjoyment and light

hearted fun for everybody.  However the Father Xmas Grotto was actually

up there on another Planet. We obviously have a highly talented Group of

Parent artists and designers who are helped by a group of “workers” who

are sensible people and don’t interfere & do as they are told. This

resulted,after days of talks & then work at the coal face, with a Grotto

that should have been on view for a  6 weeks show at one of 2

venues—Harrods—-John Lewis followed by a Royal Visit on Xmas eve

for Prince George to collect that car he wanted!  There was pressure to

keep it in school for Monday so that everyone could see it & for the

pupils to be inspired to write about all their different emotions going

through the Grotto.   Our talented Choir sang for us toward the end to

bring the event to an end in the Xmas Spirit. I am sure most of us went

home feeling somewhat tired but just on a very confident high with being

part of a very special school.

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