Clock-bingo, shaving foam and foot-rubs

We have jumped straight into our learning this term. In maths, we have been learning about time and we have been making the connection between the 5 times table and counting how many minutes have past the hour. As well, as this we have come up with our own song in class (with actions of course) to remember where the long minute hand points when the time is o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.

A range of activities have helped to embed our understanding, but as time can be a tricky concept to understand, it would be particularly helpful if you could continue to practise reading the time at 5 minute intervals at home as well.

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In literacy we are about to start a new text, ‘The Magic Finger’. Very gradually, we shall be discovering more of the text as we share it together in class. Please try to avoid reading this story at home, at least for a few weeks, so that we can maintain the element of surprise. As well as enjoying the text for what it is – A Roald Dahl delight, we shall be using the text to inspire some persuasive writing.

Finally, a quick mention of our other subjects, we have introduced Grace Darling with a storm of our own – a shaving foam and blue food-colouring spectacle! In RE, we are working our way through the Easter Story this term. A highlight so far has to be when we opened our own foot-pampering spa area in our RE corner. The children have also shown, humility in washing their friends’ feet too.

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