Edward Tulane

carroty woodThis term we have been very busy. We started the term by going to Carroty Wood. Within the same week we were searching in the pond for different types of pond life. Then in week 3 Father Robin invited us to go to the church to explore how different parts of it remind us of God. In week 4 we were able to go back to the forest, but this time we identifying trees using a classification key. Sophie and Matthew were also able to go to Wally Hall at lunch time to participate in some exciting science workshops.

Throughout the term, in English, we have been reading the book Edward Tulane. As a class we have been able to explore the churchbook and write in many different genres. We have really enjoyed finding out about all of Edward’s (Susanna’s) experiences as different things happen to him. So far we have been able to write our own endings to a fairy tale, write a poem about the different items he would have in his suitcase when moving to a different country, as well as using poetry to describe what it is like being in a landfill sight.

Within our Maths lessons, we have been exploring conversions from mm to cm, cm to m, m to km and ml to l. This proved a struggle for some of us because we had the challenge of remembering whether we were multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000! forestHowever after much perseverance and practice we all now feel confident enough to convert between the measures.

 In Art and DT this term we have been making our own Edward Tulane sock puppets. This enabled us to imagine what it would be like not being able to speak, or blink or even move our arms and legs!

Just a reminder that Sports Day is on the 28th June, weather permitting, and the Summer Fair is on the 1st July.

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