Edward’s cycling challenge!

Only 36 hours to go until I will be on the plane with 13 other cyclists ready to tackle the challenge in Vietnam and Cambodia.  I go inspired by all of you and will have plenty to talk about with my fellow travellers on what makes for a truly successful and thriving community school.

I came into Assembly on Tuesday and there before me was an amazing mural of the trip I am about to embark on with pictures of the two countries including bikes drawn by the children (we must teach them how to draw comfortable cycle seats!!).  Next in came the static bike, knowing that the children and staff will be cycling the same distance as me during the week will certainly keep me going in the 35 degree heat; there is no way I can fail this challenge with the whole school behind me.  Then I hear that some parents and pupils will be going to the Gravesend Cycle Park on my return to take part in their own challenge (I will be there with you).  With Geography and History lessons taking place as well I can only thank all of you for giving me the inspiration to enjoy the 11 days knowing that you are all participating in the experience as well.  A great example of staff, pupils, parents and Governors coming together as a team to support.

You will all be on half term when I come back so I look forward to seeing you on the Monday you return to school.

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