Fingers crossed!

This coming Wednesday is a long-awaited day for Class 2, as we are keeping our fingers tightly crossed that our class chicks will hatch. All of the children have been eggstremely patient and responsible, ensuring that our classroom door is shut to keep the warmth in and being particularly careful around the incubator. I am sure that if any chicks do emerge from these eggs, you will be eagerly informed by your children on Wednesday night!

In our literacy, we have been sharing the text, ‘The Princess and the White Bear King’. The language and imagery in this story has truly inspired the children to write with rich vocabulary, phrasing and similes in their own writing. We have taken this text apart, page by page. From acting, role-play, interviewing key characters from the story and story-mapping, we have accumulated stock phrases, as well as looked in depth at the different stages of this text. This has helped us to re-write the story in our own words as a piece of extended writing which is our task for this week.

Delving into the past, we are excited to take part in a History Workshop this week, bringing the events of the Great Fire of London to life! Please note that children of class 2 are not to dress up for this occasion – this was a mis-print in the Newsletter. Normal school uniform please… until Friday of next week of course! I can’t wait to see what book characters all of the children will choose to dress up as!




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