Fires and Fractions!

Busy bees that we are, we have been linking DT, art, history and english in learning about our topic of the term- ‘The Great Fire of London’.  Now that we have finished making our houses on Pudding Lane, we are ready and excited to burn them (safely!) next week on the school  playground. We are also looking forward to an outside company visiting us to lead an interactive workshop for Class 2, (again next week), to round-off our learning on this topic.


We tried to imagine what it might have been like to witness the fire firsthand, writing our own eye-witness accounts.

In maths, the start of the term saw us explore symmetry and shape. We enjoyed playing games such a shape bingo and creating our own symmetrical patterns using the peg boards.


We have now moved onto understanding fractions. Combining fractions with our love of food has certainly helped us to be even more passionate mathematicians!

Our maths learning journey so far has begin with what a ‘fraction’ means, through to finding fractions of different 2D shapes and fractions of a set of objects.


All of our practical work will help us to better understand how to find a fraction of a number next week.



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