Happy half-term to all!

First and foremost, I’d like to say a huge well done to all of Class Two. They have worked particularly hard on their SATS this term and all of the children have performed well and  should be incredibly proud of themselves!

I’d also like to thank you, the parents and carers, for helping with homework and for your on-going support and cooperation as always. A further thank you to all of those who were able to attend the Year 2 Reading meeting today. Please do not worry if you were unable to make it. All leaflets and hand-outs will be sent home with homework tomorrow.

Please watch the video link below to get a feel for the pace at which children will hopefully be reading at in a month’s time to reach the ‘expected’ level.


Thankfully, as well as SATS, we have enjoyed some exciting learning opportunities this term. As well as a visiting science workshop ‘ZooLab’ and swimming at Walthamstow Hall, Year 2 visited a ‘mandir’ in Crawley to embed our understanding of our on-going topic- Hinduism.


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We enjoyed yoga, saris, dancing and ringing bells. We thoroughly enjoyed this different type of worship and marvelled at the detailed shrines.

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