It’s 2018! Feel the Force!

Happy New Year to you all! We hope all the year 3 children and their families had a fun and restful Christmas holiday.

This term is a short one but it is packed with new challenges and interesting things to learn.

January began with the brightest moon of the year and will end with a blue moon, so it is appropriate that we continue our work on Tomi Ungerer’s Moon Man in our English lessons.

Our big maths challenge for the New Year is to learn our 8 times table, which is not as difficult as we think (once we know our 2 times table and 4 times table!).

We will be encouraging Year 3s to ‘feel the force’ (as the Jedis say) as we explore how we might make things move without touching them in our science lessons! Can you work out how we might do that?

In Topic lessons we will be continuing our exploration of ancient history by discovering all about the Iron Age and what the Celts got up to in Ancient Britain.

Our RE lessons will really stretch our thinking as we try to understand what Christians believe about the Trinity. We will be reflecting on Bible passages, Christian art and different symbols to help us explore the idea of the Trinity.

Finally, don’t forget to get your goggles ready for Year 3 swimming lessons which begin in week 3 of this term!





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