Buzz has a new talent … jumping on tables and desks!  Hmm, I’m not sure it’s a talent we want to encourage, but last week he thought that we were having too much fun without him in play therapy and jumped up to join in with the colouring, and then jumped on Mrs Newhouse’s desk chair and had a snooze!


Buzz and Pencils


Buzz at desk

Buzz comes out to play with me on the days he’s here (normally Mondays and Thursdays), and comes out for half an hour at lunchtime.  Other than that, he trots around the school meeting and greeting people, like these lucky year 5 girls last week!


Buzz and Yr 5 girls

Buzz had a haircut at the weekend, and is looking much slinkier now.  His coat actually takes a lot more looking after than I realised, and I have to brush him everyday.  He also needs a good trim every 6-8 weeks and a weekly bath to keep him not only looking good, but smelling good too (hopefully!).

Buzz is now 7 months and you can see how much bigger he is than the first picture in September!

January Haircut

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