Let the sun shine!

What a lovely end to an exciting term. I hope this gorgeous weather continues throughout half term week and beyond.

Taking part in the activities at PGL was a real team building experience. As a class, we are now helping and supporting each other much more. It has been lovely to hear the children say to each other ‘you can do this’ and giving each other encouragement and this has come back into the classroom with us.

This week we have been sharing our experiences. The children who did not join us at PGL have had a super time helping around the school and explained their various roles to us whilst we regaled them with tales of our trip. The prize for the funniest story has to go to Joel and his recounting of his experience of the giant swing. I think most of us cried tears of laughter, I know I did!

We have since completed a booklet of our trip or our special week at school and they are a superb record of our experiences. Well done everyone.


We have completed our work on the poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes and we are looking forward to our next fictional adventure. During this term, we explored Noyes use of language and particularly metaphor to create dramatic effects and imagery. We wrote an in-depth job description for a Highwayman and unleashed our inner thoughts and feelings to write a monologue as Bess. During all of our writing, we reflected on the themes from the poem of love, hatred, betrayal and sacrifice.



We continued our work on fractions, percentages and decimals and now we can convert our solutions into each format.

In R.E. we completed our topic on the worldwide church and famous christians. We learnt about missionaries and hope to meet a couple who will be visiting us in school in term 6. We also thought about Christian Aid and the fantastic work they do to eradicate poverty around the world. This is Christian Aid month so please ask your child to explain the wonderful work this organisation does.

I hope you have a restful half term and that the sun continues to shine on us.

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