Maths Learning Journeys

In maths, across the school, we have started to think about how we use displays to support children’s understanding of maths concepts. In a recent maths leadership meeting, I was introduced to the idea of ‘The Learning Journey.’ After talking it through with the staff, we decided to take this on board in our own classes. Below are some of the learning journeys across the school.

Can you spot the one in your child’s class?

The idea is that, the main learning objectives and concepts in each maths unit are written up on the board and they form small steps towards the bigger concept. Then the important visual models we use to support and scaffold the children’s learning are immediately put up onto the board alongside our teaching, as a way for the children to reference back their learning. They can look up at the board at any point in class and the ideas on it will prompt their memory if they have forgotten what to do. We use a vehicle such as a car, plane, camper van, etc, to follow the route of the learning journey. We move the vehicle on when we have accomplished each small step on our way to securing the bigger concepts.  It is working really well.

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