May the battle commence!

This first term of 2018 is flying by!

We are almost at the end of our work on the poem, Beowulf. As a class, we have really enjoyed the story so far and the work we have undertaken. Our favourite so far has been the news reports we wrote and presented on the massacre in Geatland by the monster Grendel. Every group presented their news and interviewed their eye witnesses brilliantly. It was just like watching the news live on TV!


This week  the King of Geatland advertised for a brave warrior to defeat the mighty monster. Here is a snippet from one of our adverts.

Imagine a warrior who is fearless in the face of danger, who is intelligent and stealthy, who can save thousands of people: we need this warrior, is it you?

Do you enjoy killing your enemies? Are you good at protecting others? Are you the bravest warrior around? Then this is the perfect mission for you!

We need a gallant warrior to kill a blood-thirsty monster.   Your responsibilities will be …

At last we have met Beowulf himself and using a formal application form we have applied for the post to rid Geatland of this terrible monster. On Monday, we are looking forward to writing our personal statements to finish the application process so that the battle may commence.

Our maths lessons have shown the brilliant mathematicians that we all are. We have all learnt to multiply 3 and 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers using the compact method. Here is an example, ask your child to show you how we do it.

This week, we are learning to divide using the division bracket and now we can all divide 3 and 4-digit numbers by 1-digit including remainders! Well done everyone.

We have all started looking up into the night sky as our science topic is Earth and Space. It is such an interesting topic that we have had many discussions about black holes and the planets in our solar system. Next term, we have a workshop coming on this subject which will be exciting. Here is our research on the planets:


The final week of term is Bird Week and we have many exciting activities planned which includes our theatre trip to see David Walliams play, Awful Auntie. Remember to look out for the birds in your garden in the next few weekends.

As always, thank you for all your help and support completing homework and learning spellings and times tables.

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