Memorable Last Day

The Easter service is always a great event – even for 246 children and staff walking down to the Church in the rain.

The service always has it”s “moments” and the first of these was at the start when Class 3 did a well rehearsed mini costumed playlett of the Last Journey of Jesus to the Cross, with the story being told as the actors walked up the isle to the stage. That was followed by the choir singing a 2 part “All Things Bright & Beautiful” and here again that extra mile was evident, not only in the singing, but in the left to right rhythm action movement which was performed to  perfection with every child together the entire time.

Year 6 sang “Oh Happy Day ” so well, and again in 2 parts. One always wonders what Fr Robin is going to come up with in his sermons, but he put his message across  very successfully by getting the congregation very worried – and the children very excited, about  his threat to soak Fr Matthew (dressed in full Skiing rain gear with an umbrella) with a full bottle of Pepsi Cola he was shaking, I will leave it up to your child to tell you the outcome!

Prayers were said by Class 4 followed by  Key Stage 1 singing “Oh Happy Day ”  again with perfect rhythm movement.

Sally was spot on when, after thanking everyone, she asked Year 6 to sing “Oh Happy Day” again and by the end of the service the sun was shining, and the walk back to school a pleasure.

The Church was, as usual, fit to bursting with all of our children and their very supportive families – a Joy to see!

Have a great holiday, and get ready for another busy and enjoyable Summer Term.

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