Minibeast mania!

We have leapt into our learning this term with our new topic ‘mini-beasts’ and the children have already been so excited to learn about all sorts of different creepy crawlies. Our mini-beast investigation zone as provoked many discussions about what sorts of creatures the children have found in their gardens and whether they have been brave enough to touch one!


The highlight of the term so far as been the arrival of our ten class caterpillars. Every morning when the children come into the classroom they are desperate to check up on how much they have grown overnight and whether they have begun to form their chrysalises’ yet.

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This week we were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Zoolab’ to give a workshop on mini-beasts. We learnt about and met some fascinating and rather unusual mini-beasts, including  a giant African land snail,  a Madagascan cockroach and even a scorpion!  I was amazed at how brave Reception were, having a go at holding and stroking the various critters. All that is apart from the scorpion of course, which was to my relief in the safety of a tank! This then inspired some brilliant descriptive writing where the class had a go at sounding out such words as ginormous and massive!


In R.E this term we have begun thinking about all sorts of special places. So far we have thought of our very own ‘special place’ ranging from hidden dens to tree houses and cosy beds. The children then created some beautiful watercolour pictures of their own special place to put up in the classroom.

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