On Wednesday, Year 3, 4 and 5 had a special treat when Jo Fox from the UK SPACE AGENCY visited to teach us about the use of robotics in space, and in particular, missions to Mars.  We were delighted to be entertained by her NAO robot and even had a go at giving NAO an algorithm to instruct her to perform a sequence of actions. To our astonishment, our demonstration was interrupted by an incoming SKYPE call from the Space Agency needing us to help with their mission to Mars! We used our knowledge of co -ordinates to find a safe spot to land on the planet, negotiated our way through “Marsquakes”  to find evidence of life on Mars, and helped to construct safe housing pods.  Mission complete!

Year 5 were fortunate to be able to attend a further workshop in which they built Mars Rovers, and learned to program them using iPads.

The workshop was so awesome! I  have never made a rover before and we got it to move across the hall floor using coding on the iPads.

This was a real treat with lots of learning, inspiring children to choose careers in the space industry. I am certain that many of the children watching this demonstration will indeed become engineers, programmers, architects and work in this field in future, given their level of enthusiasm and engagement today. An excellent workshop!

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