New Term News!

I am delighted to say that the children have settled in to their new classroom routines and are familiarising themselves with new learning expectations for Year 4 with a positive attitude and determination to do their best!

A few children have already earned their pen licences and some are very nearly there!  Dylan has been working hard to develop a neat, joined handwriting style and has had  piece of work put on display on our Wonderful Work Wall to celebrate this.

It has  already been a very busy term. In literacy, we have been exploring Carol Ann Duffy’s Lost Happy Endings which is full of gorgeous descriptive language and beautiful illustrations. We have been developing our inference skills and were surprised to find out how much we can learn about a character from a simple illustration. This week, we have written diary entries in the role of Jub, showing her disappointment and despair after having had the endings stolen by an evil, old woman.

In Science, we have been exploring states of matter, using drama to help us understand the properties of each state and so far we have investigated the question;Do gases weigh anything?”

In RE, we have been looking at the Creation story and what it tells Christians about God and also human nature. Yesterday, the children put forward arguments both in support  and defence of Adam and Eve’s actions; making for an interest debate!

We have been learning about the journey of a river in preparation for our River trip next week and we have been investigating and building different types of bridges in DT. Some of our work is on display outside the classroom.

So far, we all working hard to do our very best and I am certainly looking forward to watching the children develop maturity, independence and confidence over the course of the year. A busy year it will be, I assure you!


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