News Reporting!

What a lovely Easter break we had with some super sunny weather! Thank you very much everyone for undertaking an evaporation experiment which built on our learning for last term. It was wonderful to see all the different ways in which you recorded your experiments. Some people took photographs, some drew diagrams and pictures, some made tables whilst others wrote about their experiences. I really enjoyed looking at everyone’s work.

This term in literacy we will be studying the poem ‘The Highwayman’ by Alfred Noyes. This is a classic poem that tells a good story with powerful imagery. The story tells of the highwayman’s visit to see the beautiful Bess at the old inn and of the terrible fate they both meet. The mysterious ending of the poem suggests that their spirits still linger on the edge of the heath. So far we have researched different Highwaymen (and women) and looked at their lives and how they were caught. We have read the poem and investigated the ‘old fashioned’ language such as ‘cocked-hat’, ‘doe-skin breeches’ and ‘ostler’.


Our topic this term in R.E. is the Worldwide Church with a special focus on famous modern Christians. As a class, we researched which famous modern Christians we wanted to learn more about and chose – William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Mother Teresa, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Martin Luther-King and C.S. Lewis. We thought about how we wanted to present the information that we discovered. We decided to work in six groups with each group looking at a different Christian especially thinking about how God had inspired them and how they have inspired us. As we enjoyed researching, writing and presenting news reports earlier in the year, we decided to present the information as a news report containing an interview with the famous Christian. The class have been busy writing their news reports, making PowerPoints to go with their broadcast and practising their presentation. I am really looking forward to seeing their finished news reports tomorrow in class.


Just a quick reminder to come along to class 5 on Tuesday morning to hear all the news about PGL.

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