Nurses and nibbles!

As part of our topic called Amazing Me we have been thinking about hospitals in the past and hospitals now. We have found out about Florence Nightingale and discovered that she really was a ‘Hospital Hero’. We did not fancy being a patient in the past and laying on the floor with rats crawling around, or drinking unclean water. We decided to have our own nurses’ station and had lots of fun helping our patients. We had patients with broken ankles, bruised ears and poorly tummies! We have some budding doctors and nurses in Year 1 I think!

Continuing with our learning about senses and how they keep us safe and healthy, we firstly played games where our sense of hearing was most important. We had lots of giggles when we played ‘Squeak, Piggy, Squeak’, Chinese Whispers and The Keeper of the Keys. I think this was the quietest I have ever heard our class.

During another afternoon we explored our sense of sight. We were amazed by the optical illusions, loved the kaleidoscopes, and were increasingly frustrated by searching for Wally using magnifying glasses in our Where’s Wally? books. We even made our own fashionable glasses to wear while we worked.


Our most recent science lesson was the children’s favourite by far… using our sense of taste to identify crisp flavours. The children were very restrained as they investigated each crisp by looking, feeling, smelling and listening before finally tasting. Salt and vinegar flavour proved to be the firm favourite with 21 children voting for it.


We still have our perfume laboratory and feely bags to look forward to, this really is one of my favourite topics to teach!

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