Out of Africa….!!

During Term 5, Class 3 warmly welcomed Mrs Reynolds and Mrs Smith to our team! They have already proved invaluable to us and are such a great help and support to the children and to Mrs Clark and Mrs Turner. We have also welcomed back to St. John’s Joaquim, who left in reception to live abroad, but we are now very lucky to have him back as a valued class member. The children were very excited to see him again and we hope that he settles back in quickly and enjoys his time at St. John’s.

The children thoroughly enjoyed the African theme to their learning last term and produced some fantastic work. They learnt about different countries in the continent which culminated in them writing and illustrating information pamphlets which they shared with each other. After reading some traditional African tales, Class 3 extended their story writing skills by writing their own. They have written poetry and produced some beautiful Senegalese sand art pictures which are displayed in the classroom for all to see.

In History, the interest level that the children have shown in our Ancient Egypt topic has been phenomenal, particularly with the life and death of Tutankhamen and they have been fascinated looking at artist impressions of him and pictures of his tomb. Many of the children have brought books and artefacts in from home which have helped to support their learning. Professor Potts also visited the class and took the children back in time on an archaeological expedition around Ancient Egypt! Layla was a great sport when she volunteered to be mummified!!

In mathematics, we began the term looking at equivalent fractions and finding different fractions that were the same size as others. We then moved on to learning about different lines- parallel, perpendicular, vertical, horizontal, diagonal. The children were fantastic at learning and applying this mathematical vocabulary. Using the roamers and working in groups, Class 3 had great fun programming them to move around the classroom, turning clockwise and anti clockwise! They also made their own angles and learnt how to identify and draw right angles, obtuse and acute angles. Miss Pilkington then taught the children about 3D shapes and they investigated their properties and made some shapes of their own which proved to be very fiddly when putting the nets together!

So what is in store for Class 3 in their final term of the academic year? We are looking forward to studying ‘Krindlekrax’ by Philip Ridley and finding out about this mysterious creature who lurks beneath pavements! In maths, it will all be about measuring- length, capacity and mass and the children will be putting their problem solving skills to the test as they investigate this topic. Our taste buds will be set alight during geography sessions, when we find out about food, where it comes from and how it is produced. The children are already honing their dance moves extremely well during Street Dance sessions and are having great fun learning their dance for the Summer Production!

The staff and Class 3 are looking forward to yet another busy term. The children are already showing that they are maturing beautifully and will be more than ready for the new challenge of Year 4 in September! This year has just flown by although there is still time for a lot more learning…!!


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