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INTENT at St John’s we aim to:

  • give all pupils a coherent understanding of Christian belief and practice
  • explore the significant theological concepts within Christianity. e.g. Incarnation, Salvation
  • give pupils knowledge and understanding of major world religions, enabling them to live in a multi-cultural faith society
  • provide time for personal reflection, questioning and philosophical enquiry and spiritual growth
  • give pupils opportunities to take part in collective worship and mass


  • use the Kent Agreed Syllabus supported by Understanding Christianity
  • teach R.E. for 1 hour per week in KS1 and 1.5 hours per week in KS2
  • look at the core texts, make connections and consider their impact on believers
  • ensure lessons have creative opportunities and time for reflection 
  • enhance RE learning through visits, outside speakers, artefacts and with our close links to the St John’s Church
  • revisit theological concepts throughout the school to deepen understanding and ensure progression See appendix 1 (grid)

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