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St John's Angels


St John’s Angels is a special way to help our thriving school. And we’d love you to be part of it.

Set up by members of the PTA – ‘Angels’ was inspired by the values at the heart of St John’s.

‘Angels’ provide regular financial support which is used to offer the children experiences that go beyond basic government requirements.

We want to give all children the chance to develop new skills, access information and take part in activities focused on self-discovery and life experiences.

This year already, the Angels have contributed towards a pantomime coming into school for KS1, they are also subsidising a KS2 theatre trip to see 'The Lion King' enabling us to make the trip affordable for all. 

Who we are

Anyone can become a St John’s Angel – parents, carers, relatives, local businesses.

We are deeply grateful for the support of our existing Angels which has enabled us to offer the children some wonderful activities.

But we’d love to do more! The more Angels we have – the more we can do!

The scheme is administered by a small committee of parent volunteers.


circus skills

Chatham dockyard group 2


How you can get involved

Becoming an Angel is not a big commitment – but will make a big difference.

You could make a regular or one-off financial donation to the school.

No amount is too small – whatever you can give will provide a wonderful encouragement to pupils, carers and staff.

£2 a month would kit out a child for tennis lessons or buy 12 table tennis bats
£5 a month would give a West End Theatre ticket to 3 children

If just twenty people give £2 per month that’s nearly £1000 per year for the children.

Or you could give some of your time or influence.
Listening to a child read once a month will help them gain confidence and skills.

I’d like to make a donation 

I can offer time / skills / ideas

All offers of support are really appreciated!


What you’ll get in return!

In addition to being part of something special that helps the children of St John’s, by becoming an Angel you’ll also get:

  • 10% discount off PTA ticketed events
  • A free raffle ticket book per summer and Christmas fair
  • VIP invitation to Angel’s special events

(All benefits start May 2016 and will automatically apply to current and new Angels)

Where you money goes

Angels donations are paid in to the PTA account but earmarked for Angels-funded activities. Thanks to the fantastic support of our existing Angels we’ve been able to provide:

  • Fully-funded trips for all the children including sea-side fun at Hastings; Farm trips and strawberry- picking; Chatham Dockyard; London Eye River Cruise and Swanley Park with kite-making
  • Subsidies for trips to Barcelona; Brecon and the London Aquarium
  • In-school learning activities such as the maths-themed Double-Trouble Day; Circus Workshops; Pirate Party; Bug Day extras

What’s next?

We’re keen to continue funding school trips for all.  We’d also love to expand our support to areas such as sports, languages, art and music. So we’d be really happy if more people joined the Angels network and helped us to often even more exciting experiences to the children.


What the children say

We’ve been humbled by the children’s responses. Here’s some of their lovely feedback:

“You’ve been lovely throughout the year making brilliant days for the school. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for providing us with a wonderful day.”

“Thank you for an awesome day – it was so much fun!”

“Thank you for giving us the best day of our life. I hope we could do this again.”

“Thank you for the money to have a wonderful day.”

“Thank you St John’s Angels for a lovely Circus day.”

“Thank you for giving our class money to have this really fun day for us all.”

“I loved everything about Double Trouble day.”


How is Angels different from the PTA?

St John’s Angels is a PTA initiative – set up and run by parent volunteers. Both the PTA and Angels aim to raise money to help the school.

The clearest distinction between the two is the way the money is raised:

  • The PTA organise raffles and events such as the Christmas and Summer Fair and social evenings.
  • St John’s Angels seeks to provide a source of on-going, regular income for the school in the form of donations.

The PTA and Angels are complementary. We work together on schemes like the new School Pavilion and there may be times when the PTA and Angels join up to fundraise for particular initiatives.

Angels’ money is paid in to the PTA bank account but earmarked for Angels’ activities. These have included school trips for the children and special activity days. The Angels’ committee discuss and agree with Therese Pullan how any money raised will be spent.


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