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About Us


At St John’s we have enthusiastic and dedicated members of staff. Every staff member is committed to doing their best for all the children at St John’s, they all enjoy working at St John’s watching the children grown and learn together.


Head Teacher:

  • Mrs Therese Pullan - Lead DSL

Deputy heads

  • Mrs Liddy Clark - Deputy DSL, RE & Year 3 (Mon/Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • Mrs Jane Gillhouley - Deputy DSL, Maths & Year 6 (Wednesday/Thurs/Fri)


Year group


Teaching assistant support


Mrs Sophie Canniford (Mon/Tues)

Mrs Alison Menzies (Wed-Fri)

Miss Lydia Slaughter

Year 1

Miss Sarah DeVille

Mrs Clark 

Mrs Tracey Thompson

Mrs Michelle Webb

Mrs Mel Hoemke

Miss Victoria Daniels 

Year 2

Mrs Sam Temp

Mrs Danielle Hollands (Thursday)

Mrs Jo Bennett (HLTA/ BASC)

Mrs Katy Robinson

Mrs Jen Warmsley

Mrs Catherine Knight

Year 3

Mrs Sharon Baker (Mon-Tues)

Mrs Higgs (Wed-Fri)

Mrs Hannah Hukins

Miss Marie Crewe

Miss Victoria Daniels 

Year 4

Mrs Bev Casewell (Mon-Thurs)

Mrs Danielle Hollands (Fri)

Mrs Fiona Foss

Mrs Renee Williams

Year 5

Mrs Sarah Grimble (Mon-Thurs)

Mr Ed Grobel (Fri)

Mrs Kath Baillache

Year 6

Mrs Mhairi Mackelworth (Mon-Wed)

Mrs Debbie Barnett

Mrs Helen Reynolds

Mrs Sharon Pinder (B/ASC)


Administrative Staff

  • Mrs Amanda Duckham: School Finance manager
  • Mrs Julie Wall: Office Manager
  • Mrs Natalie Edmeads: School office administration  


  • Mrs Donna Simpson

Play therapist

  • Ms Naomi Griffiths (also Parent Support adviser) 
  • Miss Lydia Slaughter

Specialist teachers

  • Mrs Jane Hanna (Music)
  • Mrs Victoria Hayes (Spanish)
  • Ms Mandy Barrow (Computing)
  • Mr Jesus Delgado Garcia (Swimming)
  • Ms Hazel Old (Maths)

Midday Supervisors

  • Miss Natalie Clapham
  • Mrs Jen Warmsley


  • Mrs Izabela Frackiewicz
  • Mrs Malgorzata Piasecka
  • Mr Tomasz Piasecki

Site manager

  • Mr Tony Gent (Also MDS)

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