Pass The Pebble!!

Class 3 have begun to study the book ‘Pebble In My Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper. They started by passing a pebble around and each child had to use their senses to describe it, coming up with their own adjectives, phrases and similes.

The children then illustrated their pebble with pastels and wrote their descriptive words and phrases around it:


We all then gathered together as a class and created our own amazing class poem where the children selected their favourite and most powerful descriptive words and phrases:

My Pebble

My pebble is round and glittery like a beautiful star in the inky sky,

Quietly, it moves under the shiny, sparkly and shimmering sea,

Crystals sparkle like a diamond necklace,

As round as the colossal Earth,

As cold as slate,

Creamy grey like a pom pom on a hat,

The sea crashing against the pebble on a beach like horses’ hooves,

A white round pebble lays lazily on the beach,

Soft and peachy like a hyena’s skin in the hot desert,

The sandy, rough and spotted pebble is like a 3 coloured rainbow,

Like a thunderstorm cloud in the gloomy sky,

The sea rocks the pebble to and fro like a see saw,

Rough, bumpy and sandy like concrete.

By Class 3.

Year 3 were rightly proud of their poem and enjoyed reading it as a class performance! Excellent work Class 3!!

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