Quiz Night

Another very professional Quiz Night was held yesterday.The Hall was

packed with 11 tables of teams of 6. A huge thank you to Ace & Emily

Chandler, Mark & Amy Semple, Dave Stringer & Helen Copp for putting

together a testing and entertaining Quiz with the added bonus of making

some of the question St John’s School based. In fact one Round, put

together by Helen, saw the children themselves on video asking the

questiuon. An enjoyable evening with the St John’s spirit well & truly at

it’s very best, so much so that when I left at 11.00, with most of the

Hall back to normal, the party was still on !! All the money raised is

going to the new School Bus.


In the afternoon, just before the end of school, the whole school took

part in a very well put together and moving 15 mins Remembrance Service

in the school Hall. A candlelight paper Cross was in the middle with the

pupils all around. Sally went over the reasons for the service and we

all left one by one singing the Remembrance Hymn.

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