Reception’s farm shop is open for business!

1775 1776

Reception have had a wonderful start to the term showing great enthusiasm and interest in our new topic ‘Farms and Growing’. The farm shop has been extremely busy with customers writing their shopping lists and queuing to buy their fruit and vegetables! We began the term with real things but used our crafty skills to make our own fruit and vegetables to sell that will hopefully last a little longer than fresh ones!


We have also thoroughly enjoyed watching the changes in our investigation area, where we are growing some bulbs. The children have been looking every morning when they come into class to see if any more daffodils have opened up and counting how many have appeared overnight.

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As we have been learning about money this term we have turned snack time into an opportunity to practise using money by opening a Reception snack shop. Each day the ‘busy bee’s’ have a turn at being the shopkeepers as children have to look at the price of the fruit and find the right coins to buy their snack. We were particularly lucky this week as we had a wonderful array of exotic fruits and vegetables sent in (as part of the homework) from Reception parents. The children had such a great choice I fear they may be disappointed next week going back to apples and pears!

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