Reception’s first week of full days!


We have had a fabulous first full week in Reception. The children have coped with the full days brilliantly and even had enough energy today to earn the last few marbles to fill our class marble jar and earn an end of the week treat!!

It was lovely to see so many of you at our welcome assembly and I hope you enjoyed meeting and chatting some other parents and members of staff at St. John’s.


This week we have been learning about vets and our role play area has been incredibly popular with patients of varying size and injury, from an owl with a broken wing to a rabbit with a bad leg! The children have loved dressing up and acting out scenarios.


We embraced the rain, becoming scientists, exploring how to make the balls land in the wheelbarrow using the guttering and rainwater. A number of the children loved experimenting using a range of different sized balls and then added water they had collected in wheelbarrows. Who knew there was so much fun to be had in the rain!

  1. George Stoker

    Ozzie looks like he is enjoying reception. He also looks very determined to do well in his first year at St.Johns. I also enjoy being his buddy 😀

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