Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 6th February marked Safer Internet Day across the world, and the pupils, parents and staff of St John’s were fortunate to have Gareth Cort of Connected Minds spend the day in school talking about how to use the internet safely. There was a fantastic turnout for the parents’ session in the morning – so much so that additional chairs had to be found at the last minute – which was a testament to the importance of the subject, and perhaps also parents’ desire for advice on how to keep their children safe in what can feel like an alien and potentially threatening environment to those of us over 30!

Gareth was rightly keen to remind us of all the positives and opportunities presented to children by the internet, and indeed that we are fooling ourselves if we think there is an option of simply not engaging with the online world for today’s children and young people. He gave parents a wealth of practical advice in an hour’s talk, and a handy information sheet with top tips and places to look for more information. He spent the rest of the day in school talking to the children, right from Reception up to Year 6, about how to keep themselves – and others – safe online, and finished the day with the teachers.

If you’re interested in knowing more about St John’s approach to online safety, take a look at our Safeguarding and Online Safety policies at

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