Sevenoaks School astounds St John’s Year 3s and Year 5s

Yesterday, what felt like an army of teachers and Sixth Form pupils, arrived at school and set up the most amazing carousel of activities for the very fortunate Year 3 and Year 5 classes. Thank you to the staff and the students for today’s workshops – they truly were amazing and we appreciate the effort and enthusiasm for Science!

There were so many activities on offer that it is difficult to write about them all. However, having spoken to the children these are a few of their highlights.

Sixth From students planned and led the activities which included Chemistry, Biology and Physics. The children were amazed by the highly sophisticated  microscopes and being able to observe different specimen slides.

In physics, they explored forces making paper aeroplanes, parachutes and boats.

Many different skulls were brought in for the children to observe teeth and think about whether the animals were herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. The most amazing specimen was an elephant tooth, which weighed more than a trombone and  was enormous!

The children were led in setting up their own investigations to explore the conditions preferred by woodlice, maggots and flower beetles.

Through the use of optical illusions, they learned how the eye sees and explored how the ear hears sound.

The children learn how to use the microscopes.

The children look closely at a range of skulls and animal teeth.



“Mrs Turner, this was the BEST day of my life! ! Joaquim Year 3

“Mrs Casewell, you should have been our class today. You would have loved the science. It was amazing. The best!” Lily Year 5

“It was the most amazing day. We learned so much. ” Gracie Year 5

“My best part was that there were so many things to do and that everything was hands on. The people leading were very good an a explaining everything to us so we could understand the science.” Elliot Year 5



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