Seville – Day Three

Evening all!

Yet another day of sun, souvenirs and Seville for our 23 members of Class 6. Brand new adventures and sites to see, but the same old traditions of beautiful behaviour that was constantly commented on and praised upon by several tourists and passers-by.

Another early wake up call saw me venture once more into the bedrooms of our brave travelers, and once more every boy had to be woken with some even stronger coercion than the previous morning. But to my shock, the girls too needed waking! We really have exercised them well on this trip – if you ever have troubles getting them to sleep, just book a 4 night stay in Seville with 22 of their friends…it works an absolute treat!

We prepped and packed our bags for a day trip out to the famous Spanish riding schools, before heading down to another well stocked breakfast. This time we were able to select from a range of yoghurts and fruit, as well as the usual pastries and vast amounts of toast. Juice and water consumed a plenty too and we were off to clean our teeth, ready for the adventure ahead.

Meeting our coach on the nearest road, we were extremely excited to hop on to head to our destination. All the amazing excursions, opportunities and entertainment we provide these children and it’s a coach that gets them most animated! Quite a long trip was required to reach our destination, but every child travelled brilliantly with no complaints and only the occasional “Mr.Still, when will we get there?”….. Not long. Not long is always the answer.

Not long after, we arrived at the Spanish riding school and departed the excitement inducing coach. It was so exhilarating on that coach that it in fact caused one child to leave their lunch behind in all the amusement! But luckily Mrs Quirk had the driver’s number and Seniora Hayes had the language to ask for him to return the lunch like a special delivery, as Mrs.Quirk aptly commented, “Seniora Hayes saves the day again!”

With all lunches counted for (children too!) we explored the grounds of the school, watching warm up routines of the performing horses, examining the cross-bred features of a mule and exploring the museum to discover the history of the riding school and the disciplined skills of dancing horses. With a stop in a shady spot for lunch, we were ready for the live show of aforementioned dancing horses.

Due to the strict rules of the arena, we were unable to take any photographs or films whatsoever so the children will not be able to show you what happened, but hopefully will remember enough to tell you. I am certain that they will all tell you their highlight was seeing these magnificent beasts walking and hopping on their rear legs and unbelievably they were able to jump and kick themselves into the air also. The skill, patience and discipline of both horse and rider was clear for all to see! With the show over and the coach returning, we headed back to our adoptive Seville home – with enough time for a quick snooze for lots of travelers, including a teacher or two.

Arriving back at the hostel, the children were given a small amount of free time to begin organising their possessions ready for our return trip tomorrow. Full warning disclosure: the children have been asked to pack their own bags for the return. Items of clothing will not return to you in the same beautifully packed format as they left you.

With bags “packed”, we ventured out once more to the streets of Seville. Intitially, on a secondary ice cream hunt. With Seniora Hayes organising our packed lunches for our return journey tomorrow, the children were required to order their ice creams completely independently. With no trepidation or apprehension, all children stepped forward to ask for their flavour of ice cream, decide whether they would like a pot or cone and thank the shop owner. Every single child managed this successfully and even though Seniora Hayes had returned by the second order, she was able to have a 5 minute break! We are certainly fluent in the language of ice cream.

With ice creams devoured, we had an hour or so to scale Seville for souvenirs. Plenty more Spanish vocabulary used, many questions asked and ultimately several euros spent and items purchased. We discussed that every year there is a “popular trend buy” this year’s is fans. We have seen a wide range of beautifully crafted fans purchased, and much joy is being displayed through the skilled dramatic unfurling of fans. Mrs. Silvester guided us through the streets and shops to our dinner reservation at a near by hostel.

Tonight was the night for paella – if you’ve seen the picture on the Facebook PTA page you’ll see how much paella we all had – not just me! Although I’m not sure why I’m protesting, I could have very happily sat and ate the whole paella myself, it was truly delicious. Once more, every child attempted the dish and every child definitely ate a fair share. It was very pleasing to hear children asking for more paella and particularly more sea food, who knew we had such a group of foreign-food lovers?! In fact, it was so appealing that Mrs.Baillache nearly wavered her allergy intolerance to shellfish…she obviously didn’t but I definitely saw her eyeing a few up!

Food eaten and drinks slurped, we returned to our own hostel for some final night games. We commenced with our Spanish cluedo from Seniora Hayes, I didn’t quite catch the whole outcome but I believe Mrs.Silvester was caught red handed in the cathedral with her weapon of choice: a banana. After several rounds and several victories, we moved on to a couple of games of “One Night” which sees a member of our group transform into a werewolf in an elaborate game of wink murder effectively. With the excitement of this game over, we were treated to a box of popcorn to share between friends as Mrs Quirk revealed her telepathic powers. I think you’ve all heard the rumour of teachers having eyes in the back of their heads, but St. John’s teachers are gifted with the power to communicate with their minds. As a special treat for their continued impeccable behaviour, Mrs.Quirk revealed the secrets of our powers and now your children may too communicate through the power of the mind – you’ve been warned!

With that incredible new power buzzing through their minds, the children happily made their way to bed to conclude Day Three of Seville. We can’t quite believe that our amazing trip is almost over, but we do still have a WHOLE day left together tomorrow and we intend to make the most of it.

Day Three done. On to Day Four: The Return of the Sixes.

Word count is higher once more than yesterday – I might just have to blog about my weekend to avoid withdrawal symptoms!

Buenos noches!

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