St John’s Whole School Sport Relief Walk – Tuesday 20th March


A St John’s mind set challenge. . .

How can we involve everybody in the school in raising some money, taking some real challenging exercise & talking to each other all at the same time?

With Knole Park on the doorstep it did not take long to come up with the challenge to walk to Knole House and back & see how many steps it took. So off we set at 9.30 ( 246 pupils, 40 staff, parents & governors & 2 dogs ) down Bayham Rd, across Seal Hollow Rd, up half of Blackhall Lane then right to the footpath that leads up to the top entrance to Knole Park (this was a real challenge through a watery muddy path. Rumour had it that 1 pupil only fell over but I am sure I saw a few very muddy staff at the halfway stage!) Then down the valley across the golf course and finally up to Knole House.

There we had some biscuits and a drink and a rest for 15 minutes, being watched by some walkers not really understanding what was going on (the children soon told them)  So now rested we were all up for going back the way we came. With plenty of talking and having great fun and not concentrating or caring where they were walking (why do all children want to jump up & down in water & then when you tell them to stop they jump into the next puddle?) we all set off to arrive back at school at 12.00pm very muddy but now with the joys of spring which had started at 11.00am Winter being the order of the day at  the start at 9.30am!

A great team effort and what a superb team & school spirit all through the two and a half hour adventure.  11500 steps achieved by each person (23000 by each dog). So the school achieved 3,890,000 thousand steps, approximately 1,460 miles and some money for Sport Relief.

A great morning’s education.

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