Stone Age Day


Stone Age Day

On Tuesday 31st October, Class 3 stepped back in time and arrived in school ready for our ‘Stone Age Day’. Suitably, and imaginatively dressed in an array of animal skin costumes with bandannas and clubs at the ready, we began our day.

We welcomed Vicky and Steve from the ‘Schools History Workshop’ and were soon enthralled and amazed by the large display of Stone Age artefacts laid before us.

Steve explained and demonstrated how deer antlers, wild sheep horns, animal teeth and flint stones can be transformed into Stone Age Tools; pick axes, harpoons, arrows, shovels and even needles for sewing! Everything a Neanderthal person requires. Carefully, every member of Year 3 held the precious artefacts, some dated to be over 5000 years old.

Sparks flew, as Steve struck a flint with a piece of steel, showing us how fire could be made.

As the workshop drew to a close, Chloe bravely volunteered herself to be placed in a traditional ‘Stone Age’ burial position, whilst members of Class 3 drew objects alongside her, which they decided should accompany her into the next world.

After lunch the fun continued, model Stone Age people were made, cave paintings on large stones were drawn and Stonehenge cakes were created and eaten!

We had a wonderful day which enriched and extended our learning.



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